GraphiC Design

Product- and Packagingdesign

Jennifer Tatarinov

born 06/15/1991

B.A of Arts January 2015

Visual communication | Trier University of Applied Sciences

Freelancing since 2013

Language abilities

Excellent: German, English, Russian
Basic knowledge: French

My name is Jennifer Tatarinov, I am 24 years old and freshly graduated
from the University of Applied Science in Trier, faculty visual communication. During my studies I had the chance to glimpse into various design disciplines in which I deepened my knowledge in editorial design, conception, photo-graphy, packaging und productdesign. Also I gained experience as an assistant lecturer for the subject ‘Design-
Body-Room‘ and my freelancing activity for the local government Trier, ‘Nestwärme Trier EV.‘, the ‘Palais EV.‘ - both social facilities - and various real estate projects. One thing I can say for sure about myselve is that I love what I do. Design is not just my job, it is my passion too.