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Produkt- und Packagingdesign

Barjo means passion for design and nature. Nature is the most creative of us all: with an unfailing amount of ideas she creates the most extraordinary shapes, patterns and architectures. Grateful for her gift we respect that. Barjo is a line of products, that simply through joining two materials, a dry bottle gourd and stainless steel creates an unknown functionality and beauty. Every pumpkin for itself is a unique object, because nature never creates the same thing twice.

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This project is inspired by a naturetribe Hamar from South Athiopia. They live a very natural and native life in which the bottle gourd plays a large role. It is used as artefacts for religious rituals, it is a container for the vital goatmilk they need to feed their families, and worn as a neclace even a sign if you‘re still single. The bottle gourd is a constant in the everydaylife, religion and culture of the native tribe Hamar.



Inspired by the South American tradition of drinking matetea out of a bottlegourd this mug was developed for our modern needs. The material dry bottlegourd is extremely good at isolating heat and therefore perfect for a thermomug. Just make some tea when you get up, screw the lid on, let the tea steep on your way to work and enjoy!


teamug to go

Fairtrade bottlegourd

Barjo isn´t just a brand. It´s also developed to help people in third world countrys to build a basis for life where it is desperately needed. The bottlegourd is grown on a field where the workers pay a lot of attention to their fosterlings, because the beauty of our objects originates from the loving hands of a gardener. As it is raining on a daily basis no drinking water will be wasted on the plantations. Also it is refrained to use pesticides, instead the plants are controlled thoroughly and read by hand. After the harvesting feast in august the bottlegourd is hung to dry in the sun for a month before they are sawn in shape and sanded. Just after that they make their big journey to germany to be finished in our metal workshop.  Barjo therefore is a new standard for fair workmanship and offers a healthy, non pressure and profit employment for people to feed their families.