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Produkt- und Packagingdesign

The ecological hot water bottle from ecosy is a fusion of two different functions: to enjoy the water as a relaxing, warming medium and the aspect of saving water through for example reusing it to water the plants. The shape itselve is specialised on both functions alike. As a hot water bottle it achieves an ideal heat circulation and the handle and nose of it´s shape is optimal for pouring water spillfree.


Due to the high-quality production you can reuse the water without second thoughts. It is made from natural rubber and doesn´t  discharge softener or the like, so you can even reheat it in the kettle. The nonhazardous material natural rubber is a sign of attaching importance to sustainablility and higher value. The hot water bottle of ecosy is ment to be fairtrade certified so that the caoutchouc famers get a fair amount of money for their work.