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Produkt- und Packagingdesign


The Packaging has a striking effekt on the consumer because of it´s fresh colors and it´s targeted contrasts. The „Frühmatz“, a robin redbreast consisting of the ingridients of the drink. The typography with it´s playful character is evocative of the little sticks the birds are using to build their nest. With this narrative creation children and their parents are addressed alike. The „Frühmatz“ also got an educative aspect: the child learns in a game how plants and fruits are grown and harvested!

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Arla Foods developed a breakfastdrink, which has a positive influence on bodyfunctions, enhances the efficiency, consists of natural ingridiences and serves the coninience thought. This product aimes to prepare yourselve quicky and uncomplicatied for a long day of work or school. The consumer aquires a tasty milkdrink which supplies him with everything he needs for a good start of the day!

Winner of the Packagingcompetition 2013